PSG fans facing limited freedom for trip to Olympique Lyon's game

PSG vs Lyon: French Ligue 1
PSG vs Lyon: French Ligue 1 / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

The upcoming OL-PSG fixture on Sunday brings an altered approach to attending for Parisian supporters. According to current laws, only ticket holders for the visitors' section will be allowed to attend and cheer on PSG. Moreover, visiting supporters have been urged to abstain from wandering the streets of Lyon prior to the match thus avoiding any potential altercation with locals.

In a bid to thwart potential disturbances and uphold public order, the Rhone region prefect has issued a prohibition on "traffic and parking on public roads in the city center of Lyon" for individuals claiming to be fans of PSG.

To reinforce these measures, entry to the Groupama Stadium and its vicinity is strictly forbidden for anyone purporting to be a PSG supporter, except for those holding the designated "visitor sector" credentials.

The prefecture's statement additionally underscores the complete prohibition of firecrackers or pyrotechnic devices in proximity to and within the stadium.

The decision comes amid heightened concerns over incidents in and around stadiums since the season's kick-off three weekends ago generating some tension and security issues.

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