PSG fail to land Hakim Ziyech and Luis Campos should get fired

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For such a glamorous city as Paris and such a rich club like PSG (and Chelsea, by the way) what happened on Tuesday night was quite an embarrassing turn of events. PSG and Chelsea agreed to a loan deal for Morocco international Hakim Ziyech to join Paris Saint-Germain but they staggeringly failed to submit the paperwork in time to the league offices.

From glamorous and rich, to repellent and destitute in a matter of minutes. That's the story of the night in Paris and London involving Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea respectively.

Of course, Chelsea had more important stuff to do than caring about sending a rarely-used Ziyech packing. For example, signing Enzo Fernandez from Benfica for a monster €120M+ fee.

Hakim Ziyech signed with PSG but was done dirty by Chelsea denying his move to Paris

Meanwhile, in Paris, Luis Campos also had more important (to him, at least) things to care about, such as helping Celta Vigo land Haris Seferovic... on loan... from Benfica of all clubs.

Luis Campos, in case you didn't know, operates as the sporting director of both PSG and Celta (Spanish La Liga). He failed miserably at bolstering the two clubs that pay him, with PSG not singing a single player in January and Celta getting Seferovic but missing on multiple other targets.

Ziyech was present at the PSG headquarters based in Paris on Tuesday. His loan deal was agreed upon by the club with Chelsea. Ziyech himself had already signed his new contract with PSG by midnight. Then, chaos ensued.

Whether Chelsea sabotaged PSG or not is up for the conspirational crew out there to think about. But the posh club from the luxurious London borough failed to submit the proper paperwork three times in a row, and it ultimately failed to go through.

Early on Wednesday, Fabrice Hawkins of RMC Sports confirmed the rejection of Ligue 1 to reconsider the submission of the paperwork by Chelsea.

According to Bruno Salomon of France Bleu Paris, "Chelsea sent the wrong documents three times" fostering PSG's decision to appeal to the Ligue 1 board on Wednesday considering all wrongdoings were to blame on Chelsea, not Paris Saint-Germain. They got sweetly denied.

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Truth be told, this might actually be good news for PSG. All of the transfer drama is over for at least the next four or five months. There are no new names PSG can call their own. Luis Campos has blatantly failed at his only (in Paris...) task by not signing any reinforcement when they are clearly needed all across the pitch.

Perhaps the next time anything related to a transfer, Luis Campos is not occupying the sporting director seat, Christophe Galtier has been fired too, and at least one of the trio of Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Kylian Mbappe is out of Paris and (not) caring about defending at another top-tier club. Here's hoping.