PSG face difficult 1-0 defeat to Lyon


Paris Saint-Germain returned to the D1Arkema League two weeks after claiming a 3-0 over Bordeaux. Disappointingly for the Parisiannes, Sunday night wasn't as simple, with Lyon getting the better of them with a 1-0 win.

Starting 11

3-5-2 formation

Constance Picaud

Calligaris, De Alemeida, Calligaris

Vangsgaard, Geyoro (C), Jean-Francois, Groenen, Karchaoui

Baltimore, Chawinga

Match Report

Going into this game, PSG had two motivations to grab a win; finally getting the better of their rivals and also getting three points to put themselves higher than Lyon on the table.

This was also Jocelyn Precheur's first game as head manager after his father, Gerard Precheur, departed the club a few days earlier due to personal reasons.

Despite being slightly inferior in all the stats throughout the 90 minutes, Paris did put on a better display than the one shown in the Trophee des Championnes a few weeks ago when they lost 2-0.

It was Eugene Le Sommer who put her side up a goal to nil before the half-time mark, but it didn't rattle PSG as much as one would have thought, as they quickly regathered themselves.

PSG came close to equalizing after a free-kick from Sakina Karchaoui resulted in a half attempt from Grace Geyoro, which could have been slotted in by Amalie Vangsgaard as Christiane Endler didn't clear the ball properly, but ultimately didn't result in anything.

Geyoro took another chance, this time from long-range but was easily swept away by the Lyon goalkeeper, who kept her side 1-0 up going into the second half.

The next 45 installment didn't see a change in the scoreline, but PSG did home close a few times, especially from Geyoro, who tried her luck but wasn't able to get past Endler.

Sandy Baltimore probably had one of the best chances of the evening, and while her attempt would have been a fantastic goal, Endler again prevented her teammates from any harm.

While it is yet again another loss to Lyon, the French capital club can take some positives from the game as their performance was highly improved from the last few encounters they've faced against the D1Arkema champions.

Next up for Paris Saint-Germain, are Saint-Etienne, who are this season's new addition.

This game will take place on Friday, 6th October.