PSG Early Pre-Season Review, Part 1: New begining in Poissy

Paris Saint-Germain Press Conference
Paris Saint-Germain Press Conference / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

It's been a little more than a month of off/pre-season at PSG but it's fair to say that we have had all sorts of drama and news coverage for the past few weeks already.

The players of the first-team of PSG have yet to report to the training ground (they'll do so starting on July 10 for non-internationals, and July 17 for the rest of players), but it's not that PSG have not been forced into navigating many storylines.

Here is an early review of everything that has gone on around PSG for the past month after they wrapped up the 2022/23 season by lifting their 11th Ligue 1 title, split into four parts for easier digestion.

PSG Pre-Season Review (1 of 4): A New Beginning in Poissy

We had known for a long time that PSG would be moving from their training facilities at Camp des Loges this summer.

The new training ground and the rest of the buildings won't be fully available for all PSG divisions (Feminine, Handball, etc...) until next year. Still, the first team of the soccer division of the organization will enjoy them starting July 10.

The unveiling of the new training center at Poissy aligns with the "New Era" of PSG as labeled by both president Nasser Al-Khelaifi and sporting advisor Luis Campos. It is expected that PSG will move from the "bling-bling" mantra into another, "Frenchified" way of building their squad without so many egos around the locker room.

The aim is for PSG to shift the focus of media toward their on-field performance instead of the off-field drama that usually overshadows everything the team achieves on the field. That said, the reported €300m cost of the new training ground already made for some saucy headlines about the monster spending of the club in such a posh venue.

The new training facility, covering 74 hectares and featuring 17 pitches, will cater to all PSG sports, including men's and women's football, judo, and handball and it boasts amenities such as a swimming pool, an academy school, sleeping quarters for players, a restaurant, and even a vegetable patch for self-sustainability.

Although not yet fully completed, it showcases PSG's commitment to establishing one of the best training centers in the game, no matter what it cost the club. We'll have to wait and see if whatever happens inside the Poissy walls turns into better production on the pitch, where PSG tend to fall short of expectations.

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