PSG denied Luis Enrique's thoughts about quitting in a minute

Paris Saint-Germain v FC Internazionale - Preseason Friendly
Paris Saint-Germain v FC Internazionale - Preseason Friendly / Jean Catuffe/GettyImages

In less than a month since his arrival in Paris on July 5, Luis Enrique has already experienced the whirlwind of the Parisian football scene and all of the drama it entails.

Surprisingly, the Spanish coach was rumored to be considering a departure from PSG, as reported by the Spanish outlet Marca on Thursday night. However, both PSG and Luis Enrique have swiftly refuted these speculations, extinguishing any potential fire of unrest.

According to Pedro Morata, a Spanish journalist of Marca and radio station COPE, Luis Enrique's weariness stems from "the lack of clarity surrounding the Kylian Mbappe situation" and "the possible exits of Luis Campos and his assistant, Rafael Pol." These factors supposedly made him contemplate leaving even before the new season began.

PSG promptly denied the rumors, although where there's smoke there is usually fire.

The ongoing conflict between Mbappe and the club's management may not sit well with the Spanish coach, who allegedly opposes the idea of keeping Mbappe on the squad without the guarantee of being able to play him.

Although such a scenario seems unlikely, the possibility of PSG benching Mbappe remains alive with the start of the season just a few days away, and Luis Enrique apparently does not approve of the potential internal strife it could create.

The rumored departures of Luis Campos and Rafael Pol (who has already left the club), reported by Le Parisien, are also sources of concern for Luis Enrique.

The Portuguese sports advisor, closely connected to Mbappe, was reported to be leaving at the end of the current transfer window next September, a decision that would not align with the Spanish coach's preferences as he shares a good relationship with Campos and has trusted his transfers and signings this summer.

Additionally, Rafael Pol's departure "due to personal issues" could further impact Luis Enrique. Obviously and as expected, it took no time for PSG to firmly deny these speculations, dismissing them as "ridiculous and inappropriate."

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