PSG crowned Ligue 1 champions for the twelfth time

On April 28th, it was confirmed that PSG is once again the champion of Ligue 1, adding 12 titles of this local championship to its record.
PSG crowned Ligue 1 Champions for the twelfth time.
PSG crowned Ligue 1 Champions for the twelfth time. / FRANCK FIFE/GettyImages

Amid uncertainty due to the 3-3 draw between PSG and Le Havre at the Parc des Princes, PSG was just one step away from clinching the Ligue 1 title, depending on a defeat/draw by Monaco against Lyon on April 28th to be crowned champions.

A helping hand for PSG in Ligue 1

In the match between Monaco and Lyon, the result favored Paris Saint-Germain, as Lyon helped them to shout the champion's cry by defeating Monaco 3-2, mathematically ruling out Monaco's chances of overtaking PSG in Ligue 1.

With 70 points from 31 matches played, PSG was crowned champions of Ligue 1 with 3 matches remaining in the French championship.

This title marks the twelfth Ligue 1 triumph for PSG, distancing themselves from their closest pursuer, Saint-Étienne, proving they are currently the kings of France and will continue to dominate for a long time.

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Luis Enrique conquers the 50th title in PSG's history

PSG secures its 50th title in its history, reaching an important milestone under the leadership of Luis Enrique, who has led the team to a season of top-level performances.

They still have the chance to finish the season with two more titles, as they remain active in the French Cup and the Champions League, competing for victory in these tournaments.

Luis Enrique took charge of the team at the beginning of the 2023/24 season, and his achievements have been extraordinary, from winning titles (2) to raising the team's level of play, despite a radical shift away from relying on previous star players.

The Spanish coach has done a remarkable job of improving the Parisian team and aiming for a future even brighter than its present.

There is still a short stretch to go for PSG, with their primary focus on the Champions League, but they will not overlook the possibility of winning the French Cup, as they have already reached the final. For Paris Saint-Germain, this season is far from over, and their desire to win four titles in a year could become a reality.