PSG contingent visited future training center in Poissy


Assuming everybody stays put in Paris, players and staff members from PSG had a chance to visit their new training facilities in Poissy on Thursday, the ones they will start to use next summer ahead of the 2023-24 season.

And the truth is that I have yet to find a picture that doesn't make me laugh if only for a minute.

Before moving on to the most interesting part of the visit (the aforementioned photos of the players donning construction vests and helmets), here are some excerpts of the official note published by PSG on their website.

"Work on the spaces dedicated to them will be completed in the spring," starts the note, adding that the players and the president of PSG were the ones taking the trip to Poissy on Thursday.

The new facilities are located a few kilometers from Camp des Loges, and some 24km from the center of Paris. The team will train over there starting next summer if the construction of the new facilities is completed in time and following the schedule in place.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi told the players that β€œthe new PSG Campus reaffirms our ambitions for the future of the club," adding that "[QSI] wanted it to be modern, at the forefront of professionalism, focused on performance and excellence."

According to Al-Khelaifi, having the new training center will help PSG "strengthen their position among the biggest sports clubs in the world for decades to come," guaranteeing that "the best players in the world will train in the best possible conditions to build new victories for many, many years."

Marquinhos, the real captain of Paris Saint-Germain, told PSG TV that the new facilities are "simply brilliant," before saying that he has spent 10 years in the club waiting for this moment and it is "a source of pride" to see it finally nearing completion.

Marquinhos added that "the new training center shows that the club is heading in the right direction and is one big family," while it also "gives [players] the confidence to continue giving the best of ourselves."

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"With a training center like this, we are in the best conditions to work, train, and prepare for next season," Marquinhos acknowledged.