PSG aims to strengthen their midfield with this Portuguese gem

For Luis Enrique, PSG's midfield was lacking in depth last season, so the search has led to this 19-year-old player.
PSG aims to strengthen their midfield with this portuguese gem.
PSG aims to strengthen their midfield with this portuguese gem. / Diogo Cardoso/GettyImages

As has been the case in recent transfer windows, PSG has shown interest in closely monitoring the Portuguese league and has found the perfect match for the player specifications they were looking for. This time, they have once again approached Benfica to inquire about Portugal's future star.

The player in question is Joao Neves, who has been the revelation in the Portuguese championship. At 19 years old, he has dazzled in the team's midfield, drawing attention for his defensive role, covering practically every space both defensively and offensively.

For Luis Enrique, the player would fit perfectly into his team. Ideally, PSG has always aimed to free up Vitinha in a more offensive role, but to achieve this, they need to cover the defensive midfielder position, and Joao Neves is the perfect fit to complete PSG's midfield.

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Joao Neves and his breakout season

Joao Neves has had a very positive season, with numbers that, at his age and in that position, go beyond the norm. He played 55 matches throughout the season, including competitions like the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, demonstrating his quality at such a young age.

In addition to his goal-scoring contributions, which only occurred in the Portuguese League, he managed to score 3 goals and provide 2 assists in 33 matches. As for Benfica's youth teams, Joao Neves was a UEFA Youth League champion in the 21/22 season.

With his great potential demonstrated throughout the season, Joao Neves was also called up for EURO 2024 by Portugal, where at 19 years old, he will play in one of the most important tournaments at the national team level.

The Portuguese player would be an ideal signing for the Parisians, and with a price tag of around 60 million euros, he becomes even more attractive for the club. PSG is expected to get closer and closer to signing Joao Neves.