PSG 5-0 Ajaccio: Individual Grades of the Paris Saint-Germain players

Kylian Mbappe, PSG
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PSG vs. Ajaccio - Grades: Forwards

PSG vs AC Ajaccio: French Ligue 1
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8 - Mbappe: The man is determined to lift the top-goalscorer trophy when all is said and done so he put on the work and scored a couple of goals on Saturday to separate himself from Alexander Lacazette. He was clearly the man of the match starting as a left-side inside forward with Ekitike playing the lone striker role ahead of him. The first goal wasn't pretty and came after a gazillion rebounds in a messy play, but the second one could be in contention for goal of the season if only because of the masterful strike off a defender's header.

4 - Messi: Started for the first time since his infamous trip to Saudi Arabia, which was definitely off the cards no more than a week ago and until PSG decided to reduce the one-two suspension to just a one-week period off the club's surroundings. The crowd present at the Parc des Princes welcomed Messi with some boos, as expected, but then turned into cheering for him for unknown reasons. No matter what, Messi was the same Messi and cared for a bit before slowly but surely disconnecting from the game entirely. Active through the first 30 minutes, then he pulled the plug and didn't do a lot. In a game that saw PSG score five goals, he got involved in none. Concerning.

4 - Ekitike: Not a bad game, although he keeps showing more willingness than having an actual impact on PSG's overall performance. The first goal, by Fabian Ruiz, is a clear example of that: he run a decoy route to drag a defender with him thus opening Ruiz the door for a goal, and then he was also involved in Mbappe's first goal bad that was a mad scramble of a play. Still feels like he tries to do too much when doing less would probably work better for him and everyone else.

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NR - Soler: Got less than 10 minutes to showcase his non-existent talents. Better that way.