PSG 5-0 Ajaccio: Individual Grades of the Paris Saint-Germain players

Kylian Mbappe, PSG
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Sergio Ramos
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PSG vs. Ajaccio - Grades: Defenders

6 - Sergio Ramos: Perfect game by Ramos under the perfect situation as he didn't have to look back and instead could focus on going forward and move the ball in attacking actions. Ajaccio brought no heat to his confines, so he never suffered. So liberated was Ramos that he even assisted Mbappe's second goal.

6 - Danilo: Another solid outing by the steadiest player in the whole PSG roster. Good on defense (to the minimal extent he was put to the task...) and also a contributor on offense.

7 - Marquinhos: Fantastic game one day before he turned 29 years old. Happy birthday, captain! He had little to do manning the defensive line with Ajaccio struggling mightily to do anything going forward, so he took advantage of that and charged ahead on multiple occasions probably in celebration of his last b-day in the 20s. Involved in the third goal, and also a participant in the final goal as his shot was deflected into the net by an opposing defender.

6 - Bernat: Did a good job pressing high but that was also the fruit of an opponent buried on a low block all game long making it easier for the Spaniard to do that. Tons of connections with a willing Mbappe, including the one leading to Hakimi's goal for the 2-0.

7 - Hakimi: Great performance in his return from a one-game suspension after he got sent off a couple of weeks ago. Active as he always is and playing quite high up the pitch, Hakimi was smart enough to find a rebound inside the penalty area enabling him to score PSG's second goal, although he then embarrassed himself by getting another straight red card (undeserved, it must be said) that will prevent him from playing next weekend just after having returned from a suspension.

5 - Bitshiabu: Got 20 minutes in what could be his second-to-last game at the Parc considering the interest he's generating from clubs across Europe, namely the Bundesliga. We'll see where/how that transfer/loan ends in the next few weeks and months.