PSG 3-1 Lens: Individual Grades of the Paris Saint-Germain players

Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, PSG
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PSG vs Lens - Grades: Midfielders

5 - Ruiz: Replaced Renato Sanches in the starting lineup after the Portugal international got injured last weekend and did what Ruiz does--a little bit of everything but nothing worth talking about. Classy, technical player, but one more adept at not moving the needle with lateral contributions rather than straightforward ones. I guess it's fair to say Ruiz is the offensive Danilo of PSG or something like that.

7 - Vitinha: Can we get this Vitinha on a weekly basis, please? He was active all game long, never feared getting in touch with the ball, put on some fantastic combinations with his teammates, was never afraid of taking the reins of the team going forward, and was supremely brave and confident in taking the shot that ended up hitting the net to put PSG up two goals on the scoreboard. One of his best games if not the best, full stop.

3 - Soler: Galtier keeps believing in Soler and Soler keeps giving Galtier reasons not to do so. It's starting to get very, very hard to trust Soler's value for this team. Of course, that doesn't matter that much now and for the remainder of this season, but it will be of prime importance entering next year when PSG have to address their offensive options and decide whether or not it makes sense to keep Soler in tow. Considering what he's done so far, a lot of things would need to change for me (and PSG) to accept him as a key (or at least somewhat important) member of the squad.

NR - Zaire-Emery: Barely graced the pitch. Should start games instead of Soler, but it's Galtier coaching so that won't happen.