PSG 2-3 Clermont: Individual Grades of the Paris Saint-Germain players

Kylian Mbappe, Sergio Ramos, PSG
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PSG vs Clermont Foot - French Ligue 1
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PSG vs. Clermont - Grades: Defenders

5 - Sergio Ramos: Scored on his final game at PSG, which made for a great farewell. Other than that, nothing to remark. PSG were so dominated that he didn't have to run back and instead found a comfortable place in the middle of the defense sitting deep into his own territory. Better outside than staying in Paris considering his decline, can't lie about that.

5 - Danilo: Another simple yet fulfilling performance. The only time he tried to do too much, by the end of the first half, he lost possession leading to a chance by Clermont ending on a shot that wasn't even close to hitting the goal. That's Danilo for you: someone who even when he fails, still finds a way to win.

2 - Bitshiabu: Another bad performance but now something hardly surprising is coming from the youngster. The only good news about this is that the season is finally over so his value won't decrease anymore. Let's hope for a quick sale to a Bundesliga team as soon as possible before they realize the poor lad is worth nothing.

4 - Hakimi: Not the worst game considering he played totally out of position on the opposite flank to his natural right side. That said, he pretty much forgot to mark his man in the second goal by Clermont in a rather awful way and showing a complete lack of interest/effort on defense.

NR - Marquinhos: It was always clear he would find a way to at last play some minutes in the season finale and ahead of the title celebration, let alone with this match being played at the Parc des Princes. Nothing else to report, though.

4 - Zaire-Emery: While he's played in the right-back position earlier this season, it's clear that he's not genuinely comfortable there and that he does what he can, the best he can. You can't blame him for that. What you can blame him for, though, is the lack of awareness he showed in action ending in a penalty by way of a careless handball that he could have completely avoided. Ugh.