PSG 0-2 Rennes: Individual Grades of the Paris Saint-Germain players

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PSG vs Rennes - Grades: Defenders

4 - Pembele: When Pembele is the best defender on the pitch, you know something must have gone very wrong for PSG. He only played 45 minutes before getting replaced at the break with an injury. Solid performance on the right side of a five-man line, but nothing flashy to remark on as he just never got the chance to accomplish that much.

4 - Danilo: He was tasked with handling and organizing a ridiculously badly constructed defense and inevitably failed at it. Nobody would have accomplished that, so he's most definitely not one to blame for it. Some have said this match painted his face and ruled him out of future appearances in defense, but you tell me how the hell was he ever going to look great flanked by an underage titi and a makeshift-CB playing on the right position of a three-man line while actually being a natural right-wing-back.

4 - Bitshiabu: Troubled on deep plays by Rennes while manning the left side of the three-man center part of the defensive line. Probably not his best position, nor his best role as he should be good as just one of two men in a four-defender line. Feels like he's scared of the ball when in possession of it, although after his mistakes at Monaco and Bayern Munich that might actually be the case if he's been mentally affected by the goals (and points/elimination) those actions ultimately cost PSG.

4 - Nuno Mendes: Back to the drawing board Mendes will need to go. At the end of the day, I guess that's what happens when you play at such a young age. It happens to Vitinha, it happens to Mendes, it happens to everyone. Mendes has had incredibly bright moments in past games, but Sunday's matchup against Rennes showed his shortcomings, and a player still years away from reaching his peak. That said, the team lacked everything on offense and that's precisely where he impresses the most, so he didn't really get any help to do so.

2 - Bernat: Awful, but it had more to do with Galtier putting him in a ridiculous position than Bernat playing a bad game by himself. Whoever else Galtier had chosen to occupy the third/right-side of the center-back line would have been a better option than Bernat. Alas.