PSG 0-2 Rennes: Galtier "not focused on his future" after seventh loss

Christophe Galtier, PSG
Christophe Galtier, PSG / FRANCK FIFE/GettyImages
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Juan Bernat
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What does this setback mean to you?

"Defeats are always upsetting. Afterward, everyone has their reading of the match, there is what you see from the stands, what we see from the bench, and what I have just seen..."

"We obviously conceded situations, I am thinking in particular of that of the end of the first period, at an important moment in the match (note: the goal of Toko-Ekambi). We take a second goal in the 48th on a dangerous loss of the ball in the heart of the pitch. When we are down 2-0, it is difficult against a team that does not let go. But if we go back to the game, we created favorable situations. Mandanda made saves, too."

"I will not be satisfied with this match there but given the context and the number of absentees, we knew that we would have defensive fluctuations. We were hurt. Once we were behind, we knew it would be complicated."

How do you explain a defeat like this to the supporters? The team really lacked commitment...

"Our supporters were present from start to finish hoping that we could reverse the situation. Afterward, I find it difficult to join you on the fact that the players would not have given everything. Yes, the players gave their all athletically. Do you have the feeling that the players didn't give their all? I don't think that's the case."

"Put yourself in the shoes of players who are preparing for a match with eight absentees and who enter the locker room seeing players from the academy that they have only seen once or twice in training sessions."

"We knew we would have a difficult match: the players are tired, many will still go with their national teams during the break..."

"At the start of the match, there were some technical errors, and we had an inexperienced defense with few automatisms. Despite that, we created a lot of situations. Was it enough, or not? You be the judge, but Steve Mandanda made saves at 2-0 on Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, and Marco Verratti."

"You can't blame my players on the fact that they weren't committed, that's not true. But when we are down 2-0 and there are few solutions, we can understand that there is a little resignation."