PSG 0-1 Lyon: Individual Grades of the Paris Saint-Germain players

Kylian Mbappe, PSG
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Renato Sanches
Renato Sanches, PSG / Jean Catuffe/GettyImages

PSG vs Lyon - Grades: Midfielders

1 - Renato Sanches: I would have started youngster Warren Zaire-Emery ahead of him and you all could witness why on Sunday. He moved around, roamed the pitch, tried to do something (we have to assume) but ended up putting on a very empty outing overall. He has it in him becase there are (brief) flashes here and there, but that's it. Very far away from enough.

3 - Verratti: Same version of Verratti as the one we've (not) enjoyed for a while and it's starting to get a bit worrying. The Italian is fantastic but either 1) he finds no help at all from his teammates and that ends up hurting his performance or 2) he just shows up not giving a damn and that ends up hurting his performance. At the end of the day, I guess it's just a mixture of the two bad collective play generating his disinterest in games and leading to bad outings. He deserves better.

2 - Ruiz: Nothing remarkable from our favorite side-move puller. Astonishing that he played for 30 minutes and nobody noticed.

3 - Vitinha: Ran more than he impacted the game and was exhausted by the time he left the pitch subbed off. The problem, of course, is that all of that physical effort didn't really mean anything as Vitinha was moving like a headless chicken.

2 - Zaire-Emery: Tried to bring some energy to a short-circuited team, so of course it didn't work. Not his fault. Should have started and in that scenario, with everybody fresh and still trusting each other, he most probably would have benefited more than getting to the pitch late and with everybody already defeated and trying to go home once and for all. Alas, Galtier gonna Galtier.

NR - Gharbi: Less than 10 minutes of playing time so he gets no grade. That said, he was closer to scoring than Mbappe in more than 90 minutes played by the France captain and supposed face of the team. Tells you everything you need to know about yesterday's game.