PSG 0-1 Lyon: Individual Grades of the Paris Saint-Germain players

Kylian Mbappe, PSG
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PSG vs Lyon- Grades: Defenders

2 - Hakimi: No-show by the Morocco international after finally getting back to play to PSG having not done so in a good while. Perhaps thought that considering his BFF Mbappe was doing nothing, he could do the same and escape all blame and criticism. Who knows!?

3 - Danilo: He struggled a bit with passes through him and to the space, but it's not really his fault to play in a three-man defense featuring only two players (not a typo: Bitshiabu just isn't worth using in pro games). Only PSG player honest and brave enough to talk to the media after the game.

4 - Marquinhos: Not a bad game by the returning captain after missing a few outings before the break and staying home recovering instead of going with Brazil through it. Not in massive demand because Lyon never truly overwhelmed PSG, but when called upon he performed.

4 - Nuno Mendes: More active than productive. Even then, he was the most threatening of the five defenders in creative/offensive duties so he earns a relatively high grade. Not that it was enough to give him a pass, but still.

1 - Bitshiabu: It's a shame PSG doesn't have a reserve team playing in the lower leagues because that would serve Bitshiabu well for the next two or seven seasons.