Ousmane Dembele shines as MVP in PSG vs FC Barcelona matchup

The French winger faced his former team once again, becoming the standout player in this Champions League matchup
Ousmane Dembele | The Man of the Match in the PSG vs Barcelona series
Ousmane Dembele | The Man of the Match in the PSG vs Barcelona series / Pedro Salado/GettyImages

In one of the fixtures of this season's UEFA Champions League, the match between PSG and Barcelona did not disappoint, offering one of the most thrilling encounters so far in the season, both in the first leg and the second leg of this tie, which ended with PSG progressing.

The French forward expressed himself after PSG's comeback, making it clear that his happiness at PSG is unparalleled: "The jeers from the Barca fans? The jeers don't bother me. I experienced them in the 2021-22 season here in Barcelona. They don't affect my performance, and I don't change my game when they whistle at me. I stayed focused and gave it my all. I'm happy with my performance, and I'm also very happy at PSG."

The standout player of the series between PSG and Barcelona was Ousmane Dembele

In the first leg at the Parc des Princes, PSG suffered a significant setback by being defeated 2-3 by Barcelona, with Ousmane Dembele putting in a stellar performance despite PSG's loss. Moreover, the French forward managed to score against his former team, celebrating emphatically in front of them.

Luck was on Paris Saint-Germain's side for the return leg in Spain, where the comeback for the Parisians became a reality as they secured a 4-1 victory at Barcelona's home ground, leading to a 6-4 aggregate score in favor of PSG. In the same match, Ousmane Dembele once again contributed with a goal, confirming the 'law of the ex' in this tie.

Dembele played 177 minutes between both matches, scoring 2 goals and being crucial in PSG's attack. The French forward managed to capitalize on his scoring streak in this fixture, as before this UEFA Champions League tie, Ousmane had only scored 1 goal wearing the PSG jersey. However, facing Barcelona, he was able to increase this tally, delivering an indispensable performance for PSG's comeback.