OFFICIAL: Luis Enrique introduced as PSG manager

Luis Enrique's motto could very well be "No pressure, no diamonds."
Luis Enrique, PSG
Luis Enrique, PSG / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

PSG confirmed the rumors at a press conference held on Wednesday at the club's new training facilities in Poissy by introducing Spanish manager Luis Enrique as the new head coach of Paris Saint-Germain until the end of the 2024-25 season.

The Spanish coach greeted the room with a friendly "Hello," as reported by Le Parisien, before taking his seat at the table set up by PSG. The introduction of Enrique got delayed by three hours following problems with Nasser Al-Khelaifi's flight to Paris.

Luis Enrique began his speech in French as a sign of respect but quickly moved on to his natural Spanish. Asked about whether or not he'll deal nicely with the French media and their oft-thrown criticisms, the coach said that he will handle it well because he "has no idea what they're saying," later adding that "you can write whatever you want." Extraordinary.

"I don't speak French, but I have started studying it," Enrique said. "Thank you very much."

Perhaps most interestingly and importantly, Luis Enrique made clear that having "an offensive style and identity is non-negotiable." Enrique stated that "If we believe we cannot play offensive football, then we shouldn't come to PSG," aiming at his coaching staff, his players, and potential future transfers. "My job is to extract the best from each player individually and collectively," he finished.

Asked about the pressure he will be coaching under, mostly because of the long-time chased Champions League trophy that never seems to come to Paris, Enrique said that he "embraces this pressure," and that he "relishes this mission."

Enrique will meet some of his players on Thursday ahead of July 10, when all of the non-international PSG players are expected back to start their pre-season activities and training before the start of the new season and the tour around Japan scheduled for late July and August.

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