Neymar wants out, favors returning to Barcelona

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Amidst Lionel Messi's departure and the uncertain status of Kylian Mbappe, PSG are now reportedly facing the desire of another of their superstars to part ways with the clubthis summer.

Brazil international Neymar would have "communicated his intention to leave" to the Parisian management, and an exit might be close according to reports published by RMC Sports on Monday.

If the rumors are confirmed and Neymar follows Messi out of Paris, as well as the presumed transfer of Mbappe getting completed before September, this summer might mark the end of the MNM trio in a single window.

With Messi's move to Miami and Mbappe's complex situation, Neymar's future might also be far from Paris Saint-Germain by the transfer window's closure, something that would entirely change the face and construction of PSG.

According to reliable sources, the Parisian club, much like the previous year, aims to separate from its Brazilian forward, perhaps even more than the other way around.

However, Neymar, already aged 31, is also open to the idea of leaving and he recently conveyed his wish for a departure to the Parisian management, as reported by L'Equipe on Monday. Neymar has harbored a desire to leave Paris for several years, let alone during the past few months.

Neymar seems to be "interested" in returning to Barcelona, although that scenario is improbable due to his absence from Xavi's plans and his hefty wage at PSG, one that is out of Barcelona's reach these days.

Other options include the Premier League, with ongoing discussions with Chelsea as it's been the case for a few months now. Contacts also exist with an undisclosed Brazilian club (with an obvious connection with Santos), although Neymar's preference is to remain in a top-tier league instead of returning to his home country. There are also emerging interests from Saudi Arabia, something normal in this new football age.

Despite both sides' intentions, Neymar's departure is far from certain. His substantial salary in Paris (over €30m annually) remains a tall hurdle to solve by interested parties. It's been reported that Neymar is "unwilling to lower his salary", which narrows down potential destinations to just a few.

Having acquired Neymar for €222m in 2017, PSG are prepared to lose a wild amount of money with his sale, as the Brazilian's current value is half of that, if not even lower.

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