Neymar calls "fake news" some reports about the reasons for his exit from PSG


Former PSG forward and Brazil international Neymar, who moved to Al-Hilal this summer after spending six seasons in Paris, took to social media to deny what he calls "fake news" surrounding his departure from the French club earlier this year.

Shortly after joining Al-Hilal, the Brazilian star suffered a knee injury that will sideline him for several months, ruling him out for the remainder of the season. Despite being out of action, the 31-year-old has remained active on social media, staying abreast of developments related to him as has always been the case with Neymar.

A recent post on the Instagram page Futeousadia claimed that Neymar was forced out by PSG due to dissatisfaction with his physical condition by manager Luis Enrique.

The footballer swiftly dismissed these claims, labeling them as "fake news" in a comment posted on that publication's Instagram account.

In response to the Instagram post, Neymar expressed his frustration, stating, "Every day, more and more, human beings are lost because of the media hype. I still believe in a future without fake news."

The footballer challenged the credibility of accounts like "Futeousadia," emphasizing that they are not privy to his daily life and lack accurate information just for the clicks.

Neymar's outspoken denial sheds light on the challenges faced by high-profile athletes dealing with misinformation in the age of social media, although it's also reasonable to expect those types of posts in the day and age we currently live in.

The South American superstar has always been involved in off-field drama since he entered the spotlight as a prospect hailing from Bazilian team Santos, and that will never change whether that's for the good or the bad.