Nasser Al-Khelaifi: "What is the value of the Parc des Princes without PSG? Zero"


In a long interview published by RMC Sports on Friday, Nasser Al-Khelaifi spoke to the French media outlet from Qatar and touched on a great variety of topics, including the current negotiations between PSG and the city of Paris involving the Parc des Princes.

"For me, option 1 is to stay at the Parc des Princes. Option 2 is to stay at the Parc des Princes. Option 3 is to stay at the Parc des Princes," said Al-Khelaifi.

"But if the city of Paris does not want PSG to stay at the Parc, doesn't want to do something for us... It's like you invite me to your show but then you don't let me come in," he argued.

Yesterday, there was a meeting of Parisian politicians to discuss the current position they sit at when it comes to the possibility of selling the Parc to PSG.

"[Parc des Princes] is part of the heritage of Paris. It will soon be 100 years since it hosted its first football match. It is a Parisian monument, part of the history of Paris," the council said.

Paris' council considers the Parc des Princes "a Parisian monument". Al-Khelaifi thinks it has no value without PSG using it.

Expanding on it, some voices even went the distance to compare the Parc with the Eiffel Tower.

A party present in the meeting was opposed to the idea of allowing the creation of a new "commercial enclave of Qatar," worried that QSI and PSG would "transform the Parc des Princes into a huge commercial and tourist center."

Al-Khelaifi told RMC Sports that PSG have "invested in the stadium," including paying "very important" money ahead of Euro 2016 to improve the facility. "We invested more than €80M in the stadium," said Al-Khelaifi.

The main concern for the board of PSG and president Al-Khelaifi is the limited revenue streams the Parisian club is operating under, mostly because of the tiny size of the Parc compared to the stadiums used by other behemoths of European football.

"We are doing the maximum with the capacity we have in the stadium," said Al-Khelaifi. In fact, PSG are selling out every game, which is a clear sign of the club needing more seats in their stadium.

Al-Khelaifi also provided an example from the past in which PSG had a match "two or three years ago" before which Jean-Claude Blanc (PSG's marketing executive) called the president to tell him "we have a problem with the Parc des Princes."

The president had already said in another interview that PSG's board don't want to buy real estate to build a new stadium. He doubled on that telling RMC that PSG "don't want to put €500M or €600M" in another stadium."

Al-Khelaifi added that, for PSG "the most important thing is the field," and that the club "don't want to make money with this stadium" nor do they "want to build a shopping mall."

"What's the value of the Parc des Princes without PSG? Zero. That, I say straight away," Al-Khelaifi claimed.

The president of PSG made clear his position on the ongoing negotiations and discussions regarding his club and the Parc des Princes while speaking to RMC.

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"Me, I have a lot of respect for the mayor of Paris. I have very good relations with her. But I ask that the city of Paris also respect us", concluded Al-Khelaifi.