Nasser Al-Khelaifi: "Me leaving PSG? Is it a joke?"


PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi conceded an interview with the Spanish newspaper Marca in which he was asked if he was planning to leave the club after the World Cup.

"You make me laugh, I don't know if I should answer this question to be honest, because it's a joke," Nasser said. "This is just the beginning for QSI and PSG and everything we're involved in."

The question was obvious to make in the middle of a World Cup in which Qatar--and Nasser Al-Khelaifi by extension given his role in QSI--has a lot of stakes put into.

It's been widely known that one of the main objectives of QSI after acquiring PSG more than a decade ago was to invest in the French club with the idea of pushing for their home country to host a World Cup. Now that that has become a reality, concerns surrounding a potential exit of QSI from Paris have been brought back to life.

"We are about to enter phase 2 where we'll see some amazing growth. Our most exciting chapters are still to come for PSG and our group," is what Al-Khelaifi told Marca trying to keep everybody calm and reassuring them that he'll be around Paris "for years to come".

Nasser Al-Khelaifi is not planning on selling his and QSI stake on PSG, plans on staying in Paris for years to come

Speaking to the French newspaper L'Equipe, Nasser also said that the reports of him selling PSG would be "breaking news" to him before laughing at the mere questioning from the French outlet.

When questioned about the reports talking about potential investors acquiring a share of the club, Al-Khelaifi said that he "doesn't know" if he and QSI would want to sell "a five, 10, or 15 percent." He acknowledged that "the truth is that there are many interests."

According to Al-Khelaifi, QSI and PSG are looking for "an investor and a strategic partner," and the president of both parties considers the latter "the most important" as it would "help grow the club."

"If this entity can and wants to help grow the club, why not (sell some shares)? Does that mean we will invest less money (in PSG)?" he questioned, before answering that "it's not about putting more or less money in the club, but about expanding the brand, our expertise, and our business".

Al-Khelaifi also said that he and QSI "are in Paris for the long term," adding that "deep in his heart", and if it comes down to him, he "doesn't want to sell any share." Explaining why he's selling shares or at least making them available, Al-Khelaifi reasoned that "if it is in the interest of the club, why not do so?"

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"We don't want someone who comes, stays two years, then sells the shares again," Al-Khelaifi warned potential investors. "We want someone who brings a lot of value."