Monaco 3-1 PSG: Galtier thinks PSG "need to talk less and work more"


PSG completed their worst week of the season on Saturday when they visited Monaco and lost 3-1 on the road after crashing out of the French Cup with another loss to Olympique Marseille (2-1) on Wednesday. Christophe Galtier was visibly angry on the sidelines, and he proved so once he hit the media room after the game.

PSG lacked passion. PSG lacked ideas. PSG lacked, simply put, everything. And Christophe Galtier most probably has a lot to do with it after deploying his now-infamous 4-4-2 diamond against an OM that absolutely stomped his game plan.

The coach of PSG, Christophe Galtier, addressed the media after the match between a devastated PSG (still 1st with 54 points) and the new Ligue 1 challengers from Monaco (3rd just seven points behind Paris) in his post-game press conference. Here are the most interesting thoughts he shared.

Does the current form of the team have to do with mental problems?

"We were not in the same context (as in past games), due to the absence of certain players (for the match against Monaco). We were disappointed to be eliminated from the Coupe de France but this morning it was complicated when we got up (because of a stomach virus hitting multiple players). It was necessary to reassess the team and make a new composition. Some players were only going to be able to play fifteen minutes, and others to not play at all."

"The team lined up for kick-off had a totally different shape from what I had planned. It had to be changed constantly before and during the game. We had a disastrous start to the match. I changed again, and we regained some hope, but we took a third goal twenty seconds from halftime. It was a rather stupid goal to allow. Nothing happened in the second half except that Gigi Donnarumma had a great game. This is the current state of the squad. It's a reality, but I don't hide behind it. It's bizarre to talk about this coming from a club such as PSG, but it's true."

Are there any worries ahead of the game against Bayern Munich?

"Yes (I'm worried). It would be serious not to be. We'll see who can start on Tuesday. We have a very busy schedule and we have a weakened squad. We have to stay lucid, and I understand the anger of our supporters; it is legitimate. It'll take a sacred union in these difficult times (between the PSG players and the supporters) to find the energy and the strength to keep pushing."

Do you still have doubts about your gameplans?

"No, there is no room for having doubts. There are observations but with the circumstances, some things cannot be expected. Flaws are hard to hide. We must recover and prepare well for the match against Bayern, hoping to have some players returning and available again. Tuesday will be a very important day with a match against a team that has recovered its form of late. We need to talk less and work more."

Will Kylian Mbappe have a chance of joining the group for Tuesday's matchup?

"I do not think so. Mbappe is following his recovery protocol. He had a major muscle injury. Player health is very important. There are other games after Tuesday's although Bayern are eagerly awaited. We will take zero risks with Kylian. We hope to recover Leo (Messi) and Marco (Verratti) and those who were on the bench today (on Saturday)."

Mbappe questionable, Messi and Verratti available vs. Bayern Munich. dark. Next

Will the team show some pride back next Tuesday? Can we expect that from PSG?

"My players are champions, and they have pride. I have pride too. It is one of the levers, but it's not just about that. We have conceded 14 goals since returning from the World Cup break. Those are as many as we conceded in the first half of the season, until November 13, before the World Cup. There are explanations such as not often having the same defense playing, but we must find a certain solidity and create more situations on the offensive phase. We had zero opportunities against Monaco in the second half."