Deputy mayor of Paris: "the Parc doesn't belong to Qatar"


The deputy mayor of Paris, who is currently in charge of the transport and mobility breaches of the city's government, made it clear speaking to RMC's microphones on Monday that the Parc des Princes "does not belong to Qatar."

David Belliard, deputy mayor of Paris, attended a RMC morning show on Monday. He doubled down on the comments made by Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, over the weekend.

Hidalgo announced on Saturday that the city won't be selling the Parc des Princes to PSG. The news means that Paris Saint-Germain will most probably leave the stadium once they have found a new place to stage their games, ahead of building a new arena of their own.

The Parc des Princes currently has a 48K-person capacity and PSG is looking into the possibility of expanding it by acquiring the stadium and crafting it later to their own needs.

Belliard shares Hidalgo's view on the matter, though. "We will see what will happen in the negotiations. I am not for selling off the major heritage assets to private individuals, in particular Qatar," said Belliard referring to the potential sale of the Parc to QSI.

"We need to have our hands on a certain amount of prestigious heritage. The Parc des Princes does not belong to Qatar, it belongs to Parisians, and more broadly, to French women and men. I hope it will remain part of this common heritage."

PSG are reportedly "disappointed and surprised" by the decision
of Anne Hidalgo claiming her (and Paris', by extension) "firm and definitive position" when it comes to this potential deal finding a positive ending for the Qatari owners.

"It is disappointing to hear that the Mayor of Paris wants to kick Paris Saint-Germain and its supporters from the Parc des Princes," explained a spokesperson for the club on Saturday evening.

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It is just a matter of when, not if, PSG will leave the Parc and build a new stadium where they can fill their bags and increase their revenue.