Marseille 2-1 PSG: Galtier agrees Paris "must avoid conceding goals on errors"


Two wins in a row were good enough. PSG visited Marseille for the second time this season and lost (2-1) at the Stade Velodrome for the first time in 11 years. The defeat meant Paris Saint-Germain is now eliminated from the French Cup with only the Ligue 1 and the Champions League as possible titles to conquer this season.

PSG lacked passion. PSG lacked ideas. PSG lacked, simply put, everything. And Christophe Galtier most probably has a lot to do with it after deploying his now-infamous 4-4-2 diamond against an OM that absolutely stomped his game plan.

At the end of the game, Galtier is lucky Marseille only put two goals past PSG on Wednesday. Things look rather bad with Monaco the next foe in the schedule and Bayern Munich right around the corner at the start of next week. Ominous defeat?

The coach of PSG, Christophe Galtier, addressed the media after the match between out-of-contention PSG and the now-quarter-finalists Olympique Marseille in his post-game press conference. Here are the most interesting thoughts he shared.

Asked about what went wrong during the match against Olympique Marseille...

"We did not manage to create situations in the second period. We played a very rhythmic match, (and were) very committed. If we compare the first period to the second period, there was very heavy pressing from Marseille at the start of the match, but we managed to get out at a certain point, and we found space going forward but we didn't use it much."

"It was very open in the first half. We allowed a rather stupid goal on a touch in our last 20 meters. And when OM scored their second goal, they got into a low block with a lot of counter-attacks. We made a lot of mistakes and we created very few situations in the second half. We took little initiative in shooting against a packed defense."

"Obviously there is a disappointment for us, the club, and the supporters, but we have to look forward. We will not dwell on this elimination. Even if it will be necessary to analyze what can be improved. We will have to see the state of form of each other."

About PSG's lack of intensity...

"OM have the quality of playing at a high intensity, which means that it can contrast with us and the profile of our players, the way they play and develop plays. During the first period, the teams were split into two and there were spaces. We didn't take advantage of it. We were poor offensively when OM played a low block. We have our characteristics, they have theirs. We must avoid conceding situations or goals on errors that cost us dearly."

About Neymar's performance coming back from an injury...

"Throughout the first half, he found the right spaces and delivered the right balls. He was unhappy when he hit the post. It was more difficult for him in the second period, as for the whole team, as he had very little space."

"We lacked (offensive) presence in [OM's] area, but he gave everything in this match. We had few favorable situations in the second period to have a chance of qualifying."

About not using a pure no. 9 from the start of the match, instead opting for Messi and Neymar...

"Do I regret it? It's a choice made in relation to what we worked on (preparing for the game). In the first period, we had favorable situations. Hugo had to be present in this match (later), so he came on when we had just allowed the (second) goal. I had planned to get him in before the goal."

About the message he will try to communicate to his players in the next few hours and days...

"We will recover quickly, we will move on and forget about this game so that this disappointment is not a significant burden. There is a very big disappointment in the locker room."

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"We are eliminated, but we must look forward and we must continue to work and prepare well for the upcoming matchups."