Marseille 0-3 PSG: Individual Grades of the Paris Saint-Germain players

Olympique Marseille v Paris Saint-Germain - Ligue 1 Uber Eats
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OM vs PSG Grades: Defenders

8 - Marquinhos: Beast of a player, if this is the version of Marqui PSG are getting going forward an mostly against Bayern Munich. Of course, the man-marking helped him in his runs forward as no one was aware of him nor tracking his moves in a pretty freed libero-forward role. Didn't fail at the back even though he was moved across the line, and he had an extraordinary chance to even score a goal at the end of the first period. Fantastic.

NR - Kimpembe: Fewer than 15 minutes of play and injured for the remainder of the season. A year to forget for the poor Frenchman. Ruptured Achilles, same as before the World Cup, and months of rehab ahead. Ugh.

6 - Ramos: Good, not great. More because of the little danger that OM generated rather than a struggling day by the veteran Spaniard. As always, when he doesn't have to run back as the last defender and instead is used in a controlling role, he does the job smoothly. There were a couple of moments in which Marseille could have exploited his slowness had they opted for long passes to the space, but it just wasn't their day. Good for Ramos.

7 - Mendes: The better of the two wing-backs on the three-CB defense deployed by Christophe Galtier. Makes sense, though, considering Mukiele was returning from a month and a half absence. Mendes wasn't his absolute best self on Sunday, mind you, but he still had a monster defensive action on Nuno Tavares breaking what seemed a clear chance for OM to go ahead, and although he didn't project forward that much he was still active on that phase of the game.

6 - Mukiele: The rustiness was evident but he still has one more game before the trip to Munich, and even then Achraf Hakimi should still start in his place for the second leg of the Champions League based on his current form. He came from the break in astonishingly great shape but a mid-January injury sent him to the shelves. Not in high demand yesterday, but kept Sead Kolasinac at bay when called up.

(Sub) 6 - Danilo: Subbed into the pitch early in exchange for the injured Kimpembe. Did what he had to do solidly, which mostly came down to keeping his positioning and controlling the little danger that OM brought to the Parisian area. Not the flashiest of performances, but the match just didn't demand any extra effort.

(Sub) 5 - Bernat: Got 15 minutes at the end but he was barely noticiable with the game more than decided by then and both teams in a no-damage pact by the time he entered the pitch replacing Nuno Mendes. Nothing bad, nothing good either.