Marco Verratti revealed he had multiple offers from European teams

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Paris Saint-Germain v OGC Nice - Ligue 1 Uber Eats / Xavier Laine/GettyImages

Former PSG midfielder Marco Verratti, now playing for Al-Arabi in Qatar, addressed his decision to join the Qatar championship in an interview with Al-Kass Sports and he revealed that he had offers from European clubs although he opted not to join them.

Despite the skepticism surrounding his move, Verratti, celebrating his 31st birthday, defended his choice to move away from PSG and outside of Europe.

Verratti acknowledged the negative reactions, labeling terms like "disappointment," "waste," and "end of career" to describe the move as "wrong," as that's not what he considered this move was. He made clear, "I'm happy with the choice I made."

Speaking on his decision to leave PSG, Verratti revealed, "The truth, I had a lot of offers in Europe. I had very important offers in Saudi Arabia. But, I already knew Qatar, with PSG we really came every year."

Said Verratti: "I already knew the city well, I already had a lot of friends here and I wanted to have a new life experience with my family."

Despite rumors linking him to Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid, Verratti did not specify any clubs while mentioning that there were indeed offers from European teams. He highlighted the familiarity with Qatar and the welcoming atmosphere at Al-Arabi as decisive factors in picking his current team.

Despite his move to Qatar, Verratti is frequently seen in Paris due to the local championship's schedule working on a separate timeline from the European one. Just as an example, Verratti recently attended the Champions League game between PSG and Milan at San Siro to support his former club.