Marco Asensio wants to join PSG, but PSG shouldn't sign him

Marco Asensio, Real Madrid, PSG
Marco Asensio, Real Madrid, PSG / Fran Santiago/GettyImages

Marco Asensio, forward from Real Madrid, is expected to enter the free agent market as soon as next July with his contract running out by the end of June 2023 and the Spanish club not willing to re-sign him.

A few days ago, reports emerged linking Asensio with Paris Saint-Germain, so much so that ESPN even went the distance and wrote that the attacker and PSG "are in advanced talks" for the player to join the French side ahead of next season.

That would be, in one word, a huge mistake made by the board of PSG.

Asensio's contract with Madrid is set to expire this summer. Madrid has seemingly offered him a new deal, only on the cheap side of things. The expected outcome? A hard "no" from Asensio, who would rather join PSG and fight for titles in Paris next year.

What has gotten lost in this story, though, is that the interest of Asensio in signing with PSG has never been really made official the other way around, nor should it. PSG never showed interest in signing the subpar performer from the Spanish capital, and it should remain that way.

Asensio hasn't even started in more than half of Real Madrid's La Liga matches this season. Linking him to mid-table/mid-level teams such as Aston Villa, Juventus, and AC Milan makes sense. Linking him to PSG, not that much. As should be the case.

If Real Madrid are not one thing, then that's dumb. Real Madrid have gone the distance to claim that none of Eduardo Camavinga, Vini Jr., and Rodrygo are up for sale amid rumors popping up across the globe. They have never really entered the Asensio-extension conversation. Why? Because they know who is worth a new deal and keeping in tow (the former three aforementioned players), and who's not (Asensio, just in case).

The only thing fueling this rumor and giving some credence to it (by a hair) is the fact that Asensio's agent, Jorge Mendes, and PSG's sporting director, Luis Campos, share the same nationality. That's it, that's all there is to this thing and, how surprising, the original and now-louder whispers are coming from Spain and not America-based ESPN.

Asensio is already 27 years old. He's about to enter the declining part of his career, and it's fair to say that he's never truly peaked or reached the highest of levels to this point, even playing at a giant club in Real Madrid. He's due for regression, even though he can't really regress that much.

He would arrive for free, and that's probably the only positive here. If he's willing to spend 99% of the season on the pine, that's cool if only because he'd be another body sitting on the bench, just in case. If he wants to go to Paris to play, well, then PSG should think twice about signing him. Just look at how well the whole Carlos Soler deal has gone for a peep into the PSG-Asensio prospective partnership...

If Asensio couldn't crack Real Madrid's XI weekly, he will assuredly not do so at PSG, either.

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The soon-to-be free agent is assured to move places unless he accepts his talent level and his role, but Asensio should/would never have to buy or loan land in Paris. Here's hoping the next manager of PSG opens Nasser Al-Khelaifi's and Luis Campos' eyes and prevents this marriage from happening.