Man City set ridiculous price for PSG target, won't negotiate lower fee

Man City, PSG
Man City, PSG / Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/GettyImages

One thing is to try and get the most in exchange for something in a fair negotiation. Another very different thing is to just set an unreasonable price on an assett, then referring back to that as an excuse to avoid any type of negotiation.

Manchester City, in the ultimate effort to fend off PSG from trying to poach midfielder Bernardo Silva from their ranks, have reportedly set a silly price on their star so the French club only has one option: stop thinking about even trying to sign him.

According to Goal, Man City has consistently impeded PSG's pursuit of Silva and in the latest development of this saga the Cityzens have seemingly rejected PSG's most recent offer, deeming it "insufficient and subsequently terminating negotiations."

While PSG have reportedly set a limit on the money they'll spend this summer, it makes little sense for a club of Paris Saint-Germain stature to just give up on negotiating for such a talented player available in the market. That, in fact, doesn't seem to be the problem here.

It is Man City's unreasonable chicanery. They refuse to lose Silva to fellow giants PSG, so they are reportedly steadily quoting higher and higher transfer fees for him so PSG can do nothing to sign him.

Man City are in their right to do so, of course, as Silva's contract at City runs through June 2025. Another entirely different thing, though, is how nicely the 28-year-old Portugal international is taking in all of this stuff.

Silva is willing to depart Man City having already won everything in England. Pep Guardiola is known to let players go if they want to. But all of a sudden Man City is putting an unreachable price on Silva's head? Something has to give.

For now, Man City's greed in negotiations has blocked PSG entirely from even entering negotiations with the club for the acquisition of Bernardo Silva even if the player would not oppose a move to France. It's now up to the player to convince his club to let him go by lowering the fee they're demanding for him.

However, that would leave Silva in a negative position while making him look like the bad character of this drama in the eyes of the fans. If that's what City wants, then it makes sense to find Silva wanting to exit that place asap...

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