Luis Fernandez backs up Luis Enrique's criticism of Kylian Mbappe

Paris Saint-Germain v FC Nantes - Ligue 1
Paris Saint-Germain v FC Nantes - Ligue 1 / Aurelien Meunier/GettyImages

After Kylian Mbappe's impressive hat-trick against Stade de Reims (0-3) last weekend, some folks found surprising that manager Luis Enrique handed his superstar some criticism. Not Luis Fernandez, judging his recent comments.

Speaking in a post-match press conference, Enrique acknowledged Mbappe's top-tier status but emphasized room for improvement in his game, stating, "He can do even better, I always ask him more, like I do with all players."

Luis Enrique acknowledged Mbappe is "a top player in the world," but he also said that the French world champion "has room for improvement."

Enrique's comments were analyzed by former PSG player and coach Luis Fernandez during a beIN Sports discussion. Fernandez expressed his understanding of the manager's criticism, saying, "What he certainly criticizes [Mbappe] for is that at a given moment, there are some efforts to be made; pressing and trying to outsmart your opponent."

Fernandez clarified, "I agree on some things with Luis Enrique but not on everything. He tries to tickle Mbappe."

Fernandez further dissected the match, highlighting PSG's challenges in the first half against Stade de Reims, which shouldn't really happen against a team of such lower level compared to PSG's quality individually and as a team.

The former manager pointed out moments where defensive efforts were lacking, highlighting Mbappe's timing being "off." Despite the critique, Fernandez commended Enrique's transparency, noting, "Luis Enrique has the courage to say it to the media compared to others in the past."

Fernandez finished his speech by expressing a desire for Enrique to establish a system that positions Mbappe as a central attacker instead of using him in his preferred position--the left wing.