Luis Enrique wanted to sign Dembele since he was coaching Barca


The current Paris Saint-Germain coach, Luis Enrique, commends the performance of winger Ousmane Dembele in the reigning French champions' squad.

Dembele, acquired last summer, has contributed with one goal and five assists in the 12 matches he has played. During a press conference, Luis Enrique disclosed that he had attempted to sign the 26-year-old player during his tenure as the FC Barcelona coach.

"I've known Dembele since my time at Barcelona as a coach. The club wanted to sign him when he was at Rennes, but he didn't want to come to Barca because there was a lot of competition. I've known him for many years, and he's a player, in my opinion, who is different. Now I know him personally. He doesn't mind failing; he keeps trying, regardless of criticism..."

Enrique highlighted Dembele's persistence and mentality, emphasizing that he is a unique player who isn't afraid to fail and continues striving. According to the coach, Ousmane is different from his time at Barcelona, as at PSG, they aim for him to play both on the outside and inside, creating diverse situations.

Luis considers Dembele as the most destabilizing player globally and underscores his ability to attack spaces, benefiting the team by creating opportunities for his teammates.