Luis Enrique's hilarious interactions with PSG social accounts had fans lost

Luis Enrique, Spain, PSG
Luis Enrique, Spain, PSG / Fran Santiago/GettyImages

In an intriguing (and fun, let's be honest for a minute here) turn of events, Luis Enrique, the soon-to-be coach of PSG, made a noteworthy move by initially following the club's Instagram account, only to unfollow it a few hours later...

Luis Enrique has certainly mastered the art of building anticipation, and also to troll reports and fans (and haters, let's say it) alike.

While we wait for the official appointment of the incoming PSG coach, fun is taking place away from Elon Musk's favorite platform.

Some ardent fans noticed an intriguing development taking place on Sunday when the Spanish technician opted to follow, then unfollow the Parisian club's account on Instagram.

Could this be a deliberate move to maintain suspense? Did Luis Enrique get informed he would be appointed... and then about the opposite thing being the case?

Questions, questions!

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