Luis Enrique, prior to PSG vs. Newcastle: "Our goal remains the same regardless of the match"


PSG's coach, Luis Enrique, addressed the media ahead of the crucial clash against Newcastle scheduled to take place at Parc des Princes in the UEFA Champions League 2023-2024's 5th matchday. With composure and determination, the Spanish coach shared his thoughts on the upcoming match and the current state of his team.

"Our goal remains the same regardless of the match," emphasized Luis Enrique. "Keeping possession in the opponent's half, preventing opportunities for the rival, keeping the ball far from our goal. We'll need to perform at a very high-level tomorrow," he added with determination, stressing the importance of maintaining control and possession of the game.

The strategist underscored the significance of playing at home in competitions of this caliber. "At this level, home games are truly key. The crowd is a special asset for us, especially tomorrow. We need an even stronger version, particularly in critical moments," he expressed, acknowledging the invaluable support the fans provide in the stadium.

Referring to the challenge posed by Newcastle, Luis Enrique praised the opponent's physical strength. "Their physical data consistently meets this standard; they are always physically robust, pressing in the opponent's half. We know we have to be prepared."

However, he also recognized that PSG is still in the process of reaching its full potential. "We are still in the discovery phase, seeking synergy in gameplay, and situations to find the exact style I want for this team. We're still far from what I expect to see from the team," he admitted.

Through his words, Luis Enrique outlined PSG's preparation path to face Newcastle, highlighting the importance of game control, the invaluable support from the local fans, and acknowledging the work that still lies ahead to achieve the desired excellence within the team.