Luis Enrique confident PSG can win Champions League clash against Borussia Dortmund

On April 27th, the 31st round of Ligue 1 was played, where PSG hosted Le Havre at the Parc des Princes, who would deliver an unexpected surprise
Luis Enrique trusts in the UCL following draw with Le Havre in Ligue 1
Luis Enrique trusts in the UCL following draw with Le Havre in Ligue 1 / Franco Arland/GettyImages

For the 31st round, PSG had the major objective of clinching the title without depending on other results.

However, Le Havre surprised in the match against the Parisians, taking the lead in the game and even going up on the scoreboard to 1-3 at one point. Eventually, PSG returned to a well-deserved 3-3 draw.

After failing to achieve the victory, PSG still relies on the result of Monaco to determine whether their crowning as Ligue 1 champions is a certainty or if they must continue waiting.

Luis Enrique expressed his surprise after the result, stating that for the Parisians, PSG was practically the champion after the match.

"I have a lot of feelings in these kinds of matches. There were many things. We conceded three goals against a very efficient team. The fans appreciated this kind of performance. We also finished the match well. Tonight, we are champions."

Luis Enrique

While for PSG and the other teams in Ligue 1, it seems settled, and sooner or later PSG will be crowned champions of their twelfth Ligue 1.

Therefore, their focus is now fully on the Champions League, a topic that Luis Enrique also touched upon in his post-match comments.

"It is very important when a coach is able to transmit their strength to their players, never giving up. Without a doubt, we will be prepared for Dortmund to win both matches."

Luis Enrique

On May 1st, we will witness a thrilling match for the Champions League semifinal, between a Paris Saint-Germain longing for their first Champions Trophy and a Borussia Dortmund, which aims to relive a final like in 2013. Undoubtedly, a match that will capture the attention of the entire football world.