Luis Campos will stay put at both PSG and Celta Vigo positions


Luis Campos, the football advisor for PSG, holds a dual role as an advisor to Celta Vigo, and indications suggest this arrangement will persist. Despite inquiries into his commitment, both PSG and Celta Vigo express confidence in Campos' contributions to their organizations going forward.

Functioning as a "football advisor" at PSG and an "external advisor" in Spain with Celta Vigo, Campos seemingly manages both roles effectively. However, some observers question the depth of his involvement with the La Liga team and his preference to help PSG.

Campos has garnered trust from Celta Vigo's management. Since joining in 2022, he has played an active role in signing 14 players.

Despite those acquisitions, Celta Vigo struggled to avoid relegation last season and currently resides in the relegation zone after nine matches this season. Nevertheless, the club's management is happy with Campos' contributions and aims to extend his tenure, considering the potential market value of signed players.

Recent developments include an expansion of Campos' powers at Celta Vigo. The condition for him to continue is the club maintaining La Liga status by season end.

Despite a relatively high salary, the Spanish club values Campos' influence, with positive communication noted with club coordinator Juan Carlos Calero and manager Rafa Benitez.

Supported by PSG's Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Luis Enrique, Campos seems well-equipped to navigate his roles with both PSG and Celta Vigo in the coming months, as Paris Saint-Germain won't oppose the Portuguese splitting time between both clubs.