Luis Campos on working for both PSG and Celta Vigo

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The sporting director of PSG, Luis Campos, recently talked with Spanish media about his role at Celta Vigo in Spain and his current split duties in both Celta and PSG.

PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi aired the problems between his left- and right-hand men (Campos and Antero Henrique) in a recent interview with L'Equipe while in Qatar. Al-Khelaifi confirmed the rumors about PSG moving on from Henrique, who will be working for Braga from January on.

QSI acquired a 22% share of Braga a couple of months ago and Henrique will be helping the operations of the Portuguese side instead of working for PSG going forward.

On the other hand, Luis Campos will remain at PSG but will also be splitting his time with Celta Vigo in Spain, where he's been hired in an advisory role. PSG and Celta Vigo have no relation in terms of economic or shared partnerships.

Celta Vigo handed Campos the role ahead of the current season. A former AS Monaco and LOSC manager, Campos thinks he is "perfectly capable of fulfilling his role in PSG and Celta Vigo simultaneously." When asked what's the main reason for him to be so confident about that, he said that's because of "the network that surrounds him."

Luis Campos is splitting his working hours this season between PSG in France and Celta Vigo in Spain

"I can work in the two clubs thanks to the structure (of people and relationships) I have around me," said Campos. "I love La Liga. If it were up to me, I would stay at Celta for many years, although in football everything depends on the results."

"I would like to stay here (in Vigo) for many years," Campos concluded.

There might be a conflict of interest regarding Campos being hired and working actively for two top-flight teams in both the Spanish and French leagues. More than that, and equally concerning for both PSG and Celta Vigo, is if he'll be able to simultaneously handle the duties he's tasked with at both places.

"I have worked as an external advisor for many years. It is my method, vision, and way of working in the world of football," said Campos. "There is a great working group at Celta Vigo and I feel very good here."

Keep in mind that all of those statements came on a press conference conceded under the Celta Vigo umbrella, thus the no-reference of PSG by name on it.

Campos also said that the project launched by Celta Vigo "doesn't belong to Luis Campos but rather the club" and that all parties involved in it are "working as a team" with "no individual person being above the interests of the club."

As Campos sees Celta Vigo's project, he thinks that it is important that "sports and economic projects go hand in hand so that there is stability."

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We'll see if there is stability in his professional life splitting time between a minnow such as Celta Vigo and a giant like PSG going forward, with each club having glaringly contrasting targets for trophies, let alone their particular expectations.