Luis Campos leaves Celta Vigo, will work exclusively at PSG

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Luis Campos, who served as the sporting director of PSG and an external advisor to Celta Vigo until Friday, has officially ended his association with the Spanish club Celta Vigo, breaking all contracts and professional ties with the La Liga club. The departure, effective immediately, was announced by the club on Saturday evening.

Campos had been part of Celta Vigo's organigram since March 2022 but speculation about his departure from the Spanish club had been rife for several weeks, especially following a presidential change at the club.

Celta Vigo, in its official statement, acknowledged Campos' contributions during the 21-month collaboration and confirmed that both parties had amicably agreed upon his departure.

The club has opted to change its model, moving on from Campos' advisory role and bringing a bona fide football director who will be actively involved with club affairs daily. This approach was reportedly a point of contention for Campos, who spends the majority of his time in Paris due to his more significant role with PSG, so he was never going to take on the responsibilities demanded by Celta.

With his departure from Celta Vigo, Campos' focus now remains solely on PSG from this point on and at a pivotal point throughout the season with the winter transfer window about to open on January 1. Campos has a contract through June 2025 at PSG.