Luis Campos commented on his squad-building strategies at Sobornne University


In a recent master class on the transfer window at Sorbonne University, PSG's sports director, Luis Campos, shared insights into his squad-building methodology including little nuggets about his approach to constructing PSG.

Campos, who successfully crafted squads at Monaco and Lille before joining PSG and Celta, where we work these days, emphasized the importance of understanding the game before building a strategy for club construction.

According to Campos, a squad should ideally consist of "two complete teams and two additional players." Explaining the concept, Campos said, "There are eleven players against eleven, but we need replacements. By doubling the positions, it gives 22, and then there are two specific positions – that of attacker and goalkeeper – which therefore gives 24 pieces."

Campos detailed his player classification into three categories: A1, B1, and A2, all sharing the common trait of "knowing how to understand the game."

According to Campos, A1 players (considered the best) are described as "fundamental players, capable of helping you win matches. You need one on every line; it’s the backbone of the team."

The B1 players (young talents with the potential to become A1), are likened to "free electrons, extraordinary, like Bernardo Silva, Mbappe, and Fabinho (when they had yet to break out and turn into superstars)."

Lastly, A2 players (essential pieces to shape the puzzle), were described as "team players, very important for it to work."

While emphasizing intrinsic player value, Campos stressed the hierarchy in football, stating, "The team is more important than the individual. And the club is more important than the team."