Lionel Messi to Barcelona? "Very complicated," says Javier Tebas

Lionel Messi, Javier Tebas, PSG, Barcelona
Lionel Messi, Javier Tebas, PSG, Barcelona / LLUIS GENE/GettyImages

La Liga president Javier Tebas spoke about the potential return of Lionel Messi to his former club Barcelona last Thursday and gave little to no legs at all to such a move, nearly killing all hopes Barcelona might have of repatriating the world champion and Argentine legend.

Not long ago, Tebas already made clear that he would love to have Messi back in La Liga next season or at any other point considering the boost that'd give to the Spanish top-flight division in terms of revenue and appeal.

That said, and although Messi's contract with PSG will end next June, the president of La Liga still doesn't think the move back to Barcelona is feasible at all and according to the information he has it'll be hard for Barcelona to pull off.

According to La Liga's president, "it will be tough for Barcelona to incorporate Messi," primarily because of " "their financial issues."

In quotes aggregated by RMC, Tebas said that if you asked him about the possible return of Messi to La Liga next season, then he'd reply that'd be "very complicated."

“We have to see how that will evolve but several conditions would have to be met," Tebas said. He went on to cite things such as "Barcelona players would have to leave," and that "there would need to be a reduction in wages."

On top of everything, Tebas said that "you have to know what salary Messi would have at Barcelona," which looks like the hardest obstacle to overcome by the Spanish club right now if they want to bring Messi back.

Barcelona is not like PSG," said Tebas, "which has a gas and money tap that allows them to have a large payroll."

Barcelona reportedly met some La Liga officials last week as they believe they can still land Messi next summer.

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They are discussing this possibility, although in all fairness the club is just mired in a mediocre financial status and has just sold their TV channel firing a plethora of employees and looking rather nasty while doing it.