Lionel Messi: "I didn't want to join PSG from Barcelona"

Inter Miami CF Press Conference With Lionel Messi
Inter Miami CF Press Conference With Lionel Messi / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Lionel Messi's stint with PSG was brief, spanning just two seasons, and it's definitely a chapter that he won't recall very fondly considering his latest comments about his move from Barcelona to the French capital.

Despite an improved second season, the 36-year-old Argentine could never reach the peak of his talents in Paris, and that led him to join Inter Miami of the United States MLS this summer.

Reflecting on this journey, Messi told reporters on Thursday, Aug. 17, that his departure from Barcelona and subsequent signing with PSG "wasn't part of a plan," and much less "his desire."

In other words, Messi just signed with PSG because he had to make a decision in a matter of hours and there were no other options available, which is to say that Messi could have sign with whichever team back then without really caring that much about it. Messi 1, PSG 0.

"Leaving Barcelona happened overnight," said Messi. "Adapting to an entirely new environment was challenging—both in terms of the city and the game and the team."

Messi revealed that he joined Inter Miami on purpose and after carefully thinking about such a move, in glaring contrast to his "forced" singing with PSG.

In his two-season tenure at PSG, Messi appeared in 75 matches, amassing 32 goals and 35 assists. Regrettably, his time in the French capital is labeled a sporting letdown, which is the harsh reality of his time in Paris. He won some French titles here and there, but ultimately he failed to win the much-wanted Champions League at PSG and that's something unforgivable.

Now, on top of everything, Messi has thrown PSG under the bus removing all relevance from the club and labeling his signing with it as a mere step toward the greener (but artificial) pastures of MLS. Sheesh.

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