Lionel Messi "forgets" about PSG in his Ballon d'Or speech


PSG wasn't taken aback by Lionel Messi's notable snub during his Ballon d'Or speech as he claimed the award for a world-record eighth time throughout his career.

Despite Messi's 2022/23 season with PSG, where he played a significant role, he chose not to acknowledge the club in his speech after securing his eighth Ballon d'Or.

It's worth noting that Messi primarily earned the award by winning the World Cup with Argentina, but he was still a PSG player when he did so.

The ending of Messi's brief stint with PSG last June saw him exit amid jeers from the Parc des Princes crowd, following a disappointing season, for the second time, in Paris. His return to Paris for the gala to collect the award witnessed Messi skip any mention of PSG in his speech, leaving many within the club unsurprised.

L'Equipe reported that the disrespect shown by Messi towards his former club was anticipated within PSG's higher spheres, with sources stating, "There are many within the capital club, at all levels, who were not surprised to see Messi not saying a single word towards PSG."

The broken relationship between Messi and PSG grew larger and larger with each passing day last season, and it particularly escalated further after his fine and ban from team activities following an unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia after PSG failed to win a Ligue 1 game.

The ties between Messi and PSG, while not entirely severed, have become strained, reflecting unmet expectations from both parties and the failure to reach the ultimate goal: winning the UEFA Champions League for the first time in the history of PSG.