Lionel Messi breaks Cristiano Ronaldo's record with 1,000th contribution, 100th PSG goal

Lionel Messi, PSG
Lionel Messi, PSG / Jean Catuffe/GettyImages

It was redemption time for Argentine world champion Lionel Messi on Saturday after getting booed by PSG fans at the Parc des Princes for two games in a row before this weekend.

Messi lifted Paris Saint-Germain on the road, helped his team beat Nice 2-0, scored PSG's 100th team-goal this season, and added one more goal contribution to his resume to reach the 1,000th milestone through his GOAT career.

Thanks to Messi's goal (100th) and Sergio Ramos' (101st), PSG went past the 100-goal mark this season during their victory at Nice on MD30 of the Ligue 1 season. With eight more games to play, it's not crazy to think the team can still reach some 115 or 120 goals if things work smoothly and according to plan.

Messi added another, perhaps more important accolade to his resume and never-ending battle with fellow superstar Cristiano Ronaldo: the Argentina international reached his 1,000th goal contribution with an assist to Sergio Ramos for PSG's second goal of the evening on Saturday.

Messi has now scored 702 goals and assisted 298 in club-level competitions, reaching the 1,000-milestone this weekend. His goal put him ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo for the most goals scored in Europe.

Then, a corner kick ending in a goal by Spain international Sergio Ramos added one assist to his overall goal-contribution tally, making it perfectly rounded 1,000 through his career.

Messi has now scored 13 goals and assisted 13 more this season in the Ligue 1, adding four goals and four assists to his season totals with those eight contributions coming in the UEFA Champions League.

No room for Lionel Messi in the new PSG ?

Writing in his newsletter on Friday, April 7, Johnson spent a few paragraphs discussing the future of Messi and PSG, whether that is together or separating their ways.

"[Messi's] contract, which is very expensive, is expiring, and PSG need to trim their wage bill to keep in line with Financial Fair Play," said Johnson. "There’s a growing pressure for PSG to move away from this model of bringing in aging superstars and to build more around younger, local players."

According to Johnson's information, "ultimately, it will be with the Qatari owners to decide about how the project will move forwards," to which he added that "it seems likely it’ll be built around Kylian Mbappe and other French players," and without Messi and Ramos by extension.

Johnson thinks "PSG [want] to move away from this model of bringing in aging superstars," favoring instead a model "built around younger, local players."

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The insider thinks "we’ll see a more severe change in direction this summer," and he also states that "it wouldn’t surprise me if we see Messi move on as part of that."