Ligue 1 is changing its logo design for the 2024/25 season

The Ligue 1 will change its logo for the upcoming 2024/25 season, marking the arrival of a new era for French football
Ligue 1 is changing its logo for the 2024/25 season. / FRANCK FIFE/GettyImages
Ligue 1 is changing its logo for the 2024/25 season. / FRANCK FIFE/GettyImages / FRANCK FIFE/GettyImages

The French league had its great beginning in 1932 under the name Division Nationale. Over time, it evolved, and after 40 years, in 1972, it became Division 1. However, it wasn't until 2002 that we came to know it as Ligue 1, which will now no longer feature the blue and green logo but will definitively change to white.

The idea for this new logo stems from its name. In a video shared on the social media platform "X," Ligue 1 previews the upcoming era for this French championship. In the video, we can see how the fusion between the L and the 1 is imminent, forming the new design for Ligue 1.

French clubs now have a new logo that identifies them within the top division of French football

All teams in Ligue 1 will be represented by this new design, which signifies a significant change in the identification of the French championship. After the release of a quite striking video for the clubs, this design will be in use starting from August 16, 2024, and will remain for a long time in the clubs of the French top division.

PSG will be part of the beginning of a new era for Ligue 1, being the team with the most trophies in this championship, having lifted the Ligue 1 trophy a total of 11 times since its foundation in 1970. For all clubs in this championship, this change can be significant, as the objective of the LFP has always been international recognition. The advances made this season in qualifying for various European competitions have left a positive feeling for the future of Ligue 1.