Leonardo won't attend game between Milan and PSG amidst a broken relationship


Leonardo, a significant figure in both PSG and Milan, is notably absent from the spotlight in the lead-up to the clash between the two clubs and won't attend the game on Wednesday, per reports.

Unlike former player David Ginola, who enjoys good relations with both sides, the Brazilian sports director left PSG in May 2022 under less amicable circumstances.

Following his departure from PSG, Leonardo seems to have vanished from the football scene, marking a stark contrast to his influential role during the QSI era at PSG.

When asked about the current state of relations with Leonardo, PSG's response to Le Parisien was clear: "We have not really heard from him, and the conditions of his departure do not encourage any communication between us."

It appears that the bridges between PSG and Leonardo have been completely burned, with no indication that he will be forthcoming with any statements to try and fix the issue.

While Leonardo now resides in Milan, where his wife works in television, he is not actively involved with AC Milan either.

He is notably absent from San Siro, and sources close to him suggest that he has no intention of returning to the role of sports director, citing significant changes in his professional life.

That said, recent reports indicate his involvement in the scouting process and hiring of the future Brazilian coach, collaborating with the federation to convince Carlo Ancelotti to take the reins once he's done with working at Real Madrid.