Leandro Paredes returns to PSG, inadvertently confirms Luis Enrique's arrival

Leandro Paredes, Argentina, PSG
Leandro Paredes, Argentina, PSG / Thananuwat Srirasant/GettyImages

After completing a season on loan at Italy's Serie A side Juventus, Leandro Paredes will return to PSG after the Italian organization decided against purchasing him this summer.

Whether or not Paredes will remain in Paris is yet to be seen, though, and that might depend on... "officially" new manager Luis Enrique.

Reports emerging through the past few days have suggested the arrival of Enrique will be made official sooner rather than later. Nothing has been announced yet, but it's an open secret these days. Ask Paredes.

Paredes's contract at PSG runs through 2024, and in an interview with the Argentine newspaper Ole published on Saturday, June 24, Paredes expressed his preference to stay in Paris while saying that he is "excited about getting coached by Luis Enrique." Welp.

Last summer, PSG's sporting advisor Luis Campos considered Paredes as one of the many players not on par with the level demanded by the French club so the Portuguese planner decided to send him packing to Italy. Of course, you know what happened next (spoiler: PSG and Juventus won the same number of Champions League titles--zero--one having Paredes, and the other not having him).

Things might change for Paredes this summer, though, no matter Campos' opinion on the Argentina international's skill set. As long as Luis Enrique likes and wants Paredes around, he will stay in Paris unless a valuable offer arrives at PSG's offices.

This is all speculation for now, of course, as Enrique has yet to be announced as the next PSG coach. Hell, even Christophe Galtier hasn't been fired (officially, at least) yet!

The future of Paredes in the French capital might actually be in doubt, but it's looking more and more like Luis Enrique will be the man picked by PSG to manage the team and sit on the Camp des Princes bench next season according to all of the clues that we've explored to date.

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