Kylian Mbappe stayed in Paris, trained on his own Saturday


Amid an unprecedented crisis with his club, Kylian Mbappe found himself excluded from the PSG tour of Japan starting on July 23 with the flight booked for Saturday, July 22. Nonetheless, Mbappe stayed in Paris and trained on his own yesterday in the new facilities at Poissy.

The superstar forward and face of PSG has "remained tight-lipped about the turmoil" surrounding his situation, according to Le Parisien, and has not commented on his potential departure from PSG this summer.

Mbappe arrived at the new training center of PSG in Poissy on Saturday morning and joined the group of players left in town taking on two sessions as a punishment for refusing to activate the option to extend his one-year contract (through June 2024 with an option to extend it through June 2025) with Paris Saint-Germain.

Outside the training center, a group of fans waited for Mbappe and indeed got to catch a glimpse of and a few autographs from their favorite player. Opinions among the supporters were divided, Le Parisien reported, with some urging Mbappe to stay in Paris and others recognizing the financial implications if he were to leave without renewing his contract, thus approving his sale this summer.

Mbappe arrived in a black van and played the friendly role by stepping out of it with a wide smile splashed on his face like nothing was happening. He posed for selfies and signed autographs before leaving without commenting on his relationship with the club, in a rather weird scene, and a kinda-staged farce put together by his entourage to not fall into the enemy role in this fight against PSG.

Mbappe's future remains uncertain, leaving fans and the football world eagerly awaiting further developments, with PSG reportedly willing to leave him out of the first Ligue 1 and Champions League games while they find a buyer for the Frenchman.

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