Kylian Mbappe scores 3,000th goal in PSG top-flight history

Kylian Mbappe scores the 3,000th top-flight goal in the history of PSG
Kylian Mbappe scores the 3,000th top-flight goal in the history of PSG / LOIC VENANCE/GettyImages

Kylian Mbappe scored the 3,000th goal for PSG in the Ligue 1 on Saturday evening during the Parisian win at Brest.

Not only did the goal earn PSG three more points and saved their day, but it also made history and helped Mbappe write another page in the books of Paris Saint-Germain history in golden letters.

Counting in chunks of 500 goals, Mbappe hit the record books while joining Jean Claude Bras (first Ligue 1 goal for PSG), Michel N'Gom (500th), Zlatko Vujovic (1,000th), Nicolas Anelka (1,500th), Jeremy Menez (2,000th) and Edinson Cavani (the 2,500th).

Jean-Claude Bras, scored the first top-flight goal in PSG's history all the way back in Aug. 1971, in Nancy.

The milestone of 500 goals was reached 10 years later, on Sep. 1981, by the late Michel N'Gom against Brest.

The 1,000th goal was scored on May 1991 by Zlatko Vujovic at the Parc des Princes against Nancy.

It was not until the end of the 20th century that the 1,500th Parisian goal in the top flight was celebrated. On Dec. 2000, PSG hosted Metz at the Parc des Princes and Nicolas Anelka bagged said goal.

Eleven years later, a few months after the arrival of the new shareholder QSI at the head of the club, it was Jeremy Menez who scored the 2000th goal of the club on Dec. 2011.

The 2,500th goal in the top flight was scored by the now-former Paris goal record holder, Edinson Cavani. On Oct. 2017, Cavani put one past Nice.

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Now, three months after the start of the 2023 calendar year and after reaching his second World Cup final having already won the 2018 edition, Kylian Mbappe itched his name in the history books of PSG for the nth time after becoming the man to hit the 3,000th Ligue 1 goal for the club.