Kylian Mbappe predicted France vs. Morocco game back in May

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Ominous scenes coming from Doha... yet nobody realized all the way back in May. PSG forward Kylian Mbappe and wing-back Achraf Hakimi have shared the locker room for just over a year but their connection seems to be so strong that Mbappe was able to predict their future months ago.

When PSG held a mini-camp in Qatar back in May, the French club filmed a bunch of videos to promote their brand on social media. One of those turned out to be eerily premonitory of what is happening in the World Cup.

Talking to the PSG cameraman, Kylian Mbappe explained the situation the Parisian contingent found themselves in perfect English.

"We are here at the Education City Stadium. 40,000 people can come here. France-Tunisia, I hope we will win," started Mbappe.

"And then we will play against Morocco." Say what!?

You read (and heard) that right, folks. More than half a year ago, joking or not, Mbappe predicted France taking on Morocco in Doha's Education City Stadium. This, of course, will happen next Wednesday as France takes on the first semifinalist from Africa in a World Cup.

Not happy enough with that, Mbappe went on to predict the final outcome of the game to come, saying that "I will have to destroy my friend (Hakimi)." It took no time for the Morocco international to come back at Mbappe with a statement from himself. "I'm going to smash it."

Wait a minute. So, did Mbappe actually predict a win for France or not? Not quite, judging by his actual words!

If the prophecies keep fulfilling themselves and the predictions become (even more) real, then one thing and only one thing is clear: Mbappe and Hakimi will put on a show come Wednesday night.

With Mbappe being the leading man for France and playing on the left wing, and Hakimi currently taking on the leading role for Morocco and playing right-back on defense, the battle will be served on a platter.

It's not that you can enjoy Mbappe going against Hakimi on a weekly basis since they play for the same club in Paris. So don't take Wednesday's affair for granted and enjoy it while it last.

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The winner of the semi-finals game will face the winner of the match between Argentina and Croatia played on Tuesday, in which PSG no. 30 Lionel Messi will be trying to make it to the final for the second time since achieving that feat back in the 2014 World Cup.