Kylian Mbappe: "Now, I'm thinking about this season. Then, we'll see."

Kylian Mbappe, PSG
Kylian Mbappe, PSG / Ciancaphoto Studio/GettyImages

PSG visited Bayern Munich for the second-leg game of their last-16 Champions League matchup and crashed out of Europe losing 0-2 to the German giants (0-3 loss on aggregate). It is the fifth time in seven seasons PSG fails to make it past the first knockout round.

The French club is now aiming at another season of winning just the lesser Ligue 1 in a rather disappointing fashion, having already getting eliminated from the Coupe de France by Classique rivals Olympique Marseille.

Paris put all of their hopes in young Kylian Mbappe, but the forward disappeared when he was expected by everybody, leaving a cold feeling among those attending and watching live at the Allianz Arena, and also the folks relegated to enjoying the game from home.

After the game, the presumed PSG leader and French world champion Mbappe spoke to the media and commented on what happened in the matchup between wannabe-giants Paris Saint-Germain and bonafide Euro-behemoths Bayern Munich.

What is the main feeling after this elimination?

"We are disappointed, but that's how it is. We have to move on, and try to question each other..."

How much longer until you stop accepting all these disappointments?

"I don't know. For now, I'm only thinking about this season. Nothing else matters to me. We lost against a great team. From now on, we only have the Ligue 1. I hope we will win it."

What did PSG miss?

"Not much when you look at the state of the two teams. They have a great team, they have a deep squad, and they have a team built to win the Champions League. I said at the start of the season, at my first Champions League press conference, that we were going to do our best. Give our maximum, that's it. We are going to question ourselves and return to our daily life, which is the Ligue 1."

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Will this affect your future in Paris?

"No, no. We'll see. What matters to me is winning the Ligue 1. For the rest, we'll see."

(Ed. Note: Kylian Mbappe is under contract with PSG until the summer of 2025, although his contract includes a one-year clause making it virtually a link until the end of the 2023-24 season with a one-year bonus attached to it only possible to be exercised by PSG if Mbappe agrees to it. This makes Mbappe's contract with PSG virtually effective until the end of last season, with no guarantees of him extending his stance in the French capital past June 2024.)