Kylian Mbappe expected to delay any decision until Champions League is over

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Kylian Mbappe's contractual situation and future at PSG remain very uncertain as his current agreement nears its end when this season is over next June. Despite ongoing negotiations, an extension between the French international and PSG is yet to be finalized and might never really materialize.

Recent reports indicate tensions in the relations between the two parties, with the player expected to announce his decision once the club's European journey is over, whether that ends in a title or an earlier exit.

The main question looming is whether Mbappe will extend his contract with PSG or opt for a move to Real Madrid, his only realistic option if he leaves Paris.

PSG, keen on avoiding the scenario of losing their star player for free, finds itself in a delicate negotiation situation and has already run out of options to sell him as Mbappe can start negotiating with other clubs next January.

Despite suspicions of an existing pre-agreement with Real Madrid during the summer, Mbappe's non-departure shifted the power dynamic, which now relies heavily on the French superstar.

Earlier this summer, PSG, convinced of Mbappe's imminent departure, initially excluded him from the Asian tour throughout the preseason.

However, his subsequent reinstatement into the squad ultimately did not end in a contract extension. Recent reports suggest there have been discussions between the club and player aimed at solving some loyalty bonuses, estimated at €60 to €80m, although that's just one little detail in the whole monster contract Mbappe and PSG would have to agree to.

According to L'Equipe, in recent weeks there has been a stoppage in the relations between the two parties, marking a shift from the end of the summer when everything seemed to have been solved.

While PSG remains eager to persuade Mbappe, internal sources do not anticipate a decision being made by the player until after the conclusion of the club's European season in the Champions League.